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Our story

Khacoli is an entrepreneurship and vision of Shubhra Jain, to provide affordable handloom to all. It all started with, chasing her passion for designing and providing something greater to society and environment. 

After contemplating for 12 years of her mundane corporate life, Ms Jain finally had the courage to showcase her skills for designs and clothing through Khacoli. She, from time to time had kept her interest alive for designing by going for trainings and workshops around India and was frequently associated with small exhibitions at her end. Finally, in 2016 she decided to make it her full time occupation. Extreme research about the textile industry exposed her to the loop-sided development of Handloom in India. The reasons seemed hidden in productivity and efficiency of Yan’s and economics of weaving it. These factors seemed to have hampered the growth of handloom industry and pushed it into loss making segment. The growth in power looms, now was supplying more than 70% of Indian textiles. This included power loom users claiming the subsidies earmarked for handlooms in the early decades. Moreover, the culture and quality for the product was decorating. The product identity linked to a particular place was no longer of the right quality (there are Benaras sarees being made in Chirala; Orissa lookalike saris in some parts of Andhra Pradesh and so on), and copies on power looms everywhere. The fact was the markets could not catalyze growth so as to generate adequate employment opportunities and livelihoods.

Ms Jain has also been a strong propagator of women empowerment. In her experience she has seen them suffering in the society. In most of the families women are know basic stitching and knitting. If they are provided with adequate training they will master the skills, which will help them earn an income and not be dependent on others. With money comes freedom and with freedom an equality and dignified life. 

Determined to showcase Indian handloom textiles, providing employment opportunities to traditional artisans and most importantly to downtrodden women of our society, Shubhra Jain, started this garment venture. The idea is to remain rooted with the tradition and culture and fuse the best aspects of East & West collaboration. With this venture she expects to extend her hand and reach out to the undeveloped villages and communities of India by setting up training workshops. She believes that these workshop will help the people in such places especially women, master the skills of the garment industry and earn a living. Khacoli today is a brand that relies on its word of mouth publicity, and has been highly successful in creating a pool of repeat customers, who come again and again for the unique Khacoli experience. The core values have always been to provide its customers with quality products which reflect the unique Indian culture with a western touch and tradition. The motivating factor for the customer remains the quality, consistency of the product and the unique design developed by khacoli.

Our Team

Shubhra Jain

Designer and Founder

Shubhra Jain has a corporate experience of 12 years and has specialised in HR & Operation. Under her presence the organisation were able to reach great heights.

Rakesh Kumar

Sales and Marketing Head

Rakesh Kumar has specialised in channel sales, marketing, product positioning, Branding and has a great name in the FMCG and Renewable industry. He has worked with the major brands in the country and has headed their sales & marketing department.

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