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Get to know the REALITY

Indian weavers and their miseries have been an age old story throughout the country and abroad. Much has been said and done in favor, to help them build a niche. Still the plight of the community has remained same, majorly, due to a shift to cheaper machine-loom alternatives available. Not only has it left the handloom culture uprooted, it has also demolished the institutions, taking lives of hundreds of weavers across the country.

Determination to be the CHANGE

Every penny accounts to a dollar. In the same way, a small contribution from each of us can help revive the segment which has long been dead. Khacoli with some similar ideology has started its endeavors in this segment to promote Khadi-Cotton and Linen clothing. 

“Our endeavor is to provide customers with hand crafted products which helps to support and encourage good craftmanship”

Promoting HANLDOOM

Khacoli was founded with the strong belief that there is a need for a vehicle to market the vast and diverse craft traditions of India. This will help fulfil the need to provide and sustain weavers along with empowering women in rural India through employment opportunities.


Hey guys this is one of the design that i am wearing by the new brand 'KHACOLI'...amazing collection...must...visit...for more information you can visit their page on insta and facebook.
Pragati Jindal

Thanks Shubhra Jain for this gorgeous and super comfy dress!! Can't wait for the new collection! #Khacoli#Cottondress#Crazyforchecks
Chestha Kapoor
Working Professional
Great fashion brand Khacoli ! Design style with Khadi Cotton & Linens. #Khacoli_studio
Padmakali Banerjee
P.V.C Amity University
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